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Now offering FREE SHIPPING on all GRAFFITI Products over $199.00
Now offering FREE SHIPPING on all GRAFFITI Products over $199.00


Graffiti Waterproof Papers (Scuff Free) - 14 mil

Size: 11" x 17" (25 Sheets Pack)
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$46.99 - $46.99
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Graffiti Polyester Paper sets a higher standard for quality, consistency, and performance for a polyester. 

Thickness: 14 mil (350 mic)

Other Thickness Available: 5 mil (125 mic), 8mil (200 mic), 11 mil (275 mic)

These high-performance polyester papers will improve your machine uptime, reduce headaches, and increase your margins with their cost-effective price point.

A hard-working, affordable synthetic

Graffiti Polyester Paper is engineered with prime-grade polyester for protecting your print well beyond what regular papers can provide. These durable synthetic papers are scuff-free, waterproof, tear-resistant, anti-static, and have excellent alcohol and stain resistance. Graffiti Polyester Paper is perfect for hard-working applications that require durability at an affordable price point.

Compatible with all your digital press

Graffiti Polyester Paper coatings are designed to help toner anchor to the surface while reproducing vivid color. This top-coat also helps Graffiti Polyester Paper to be printed with any dry toner digital press and has indigo certification for wet toner inks.

Graffiti Polyester Paper has been developed for Indigo, Xerox, Ricoh, Canon, Konica Minolta, and other high-performance digital presses.

Improve your press up-time

Graffiti Polyester Paper has a technically superior surface will run better than any synthetic in the market. Graffiti Polyester Paper won’t melt your fuser; toner fully adheres to the sheet with no wipe-off and will never contaminate your machine.



  • Waterproof
  • Tear Resistant
  • Durable & Rigid
  • High Heat Resistant
  • Grease & Stain Resistant
  • Recyclable
  • Anti-Static