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Now offering FREE SHIPPING on all GRAFFITI Products over $199.00


What is Polyester Paper?

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First and foremost, Polyester Paper is NOT made of Wood Pulp. Yes you heard it right, they are not made of Wood Pulp.

Polyester Paper is made from polyethylene terephthalate films. These films are extruded in various thicknesses to make different thicknesses of polyester paper. So to start off, there is such a thing as polyester Piper and every first-time user always and absolutely loves it.

There are many advantages of Polyester Paper. Primarily they are completely Waterproof & Tear Resistance. Also, they are oil and grease resistant and incredibly tough so it won't crease by accident or cut at the corner and they certainly won't tear.

There are several ways of polyester paper all perfect for various applications, the thicker grades of paper like 14 mil & 11 mil will be good for menus in restaurants, signs of notices, Door hangers and more. The lower grade paper like 5 mil make it a perfect fit for important documents that need to be protected viz. contract and agreements. 

Polyester Paper can be washed in a dishwasher and can be clear with mild soap or 60% Alcohol without damaging the print. It could be cut into any shape just like normal paper and it gives great looking print.

Polyester Paper also does not degrade under harsh sunlight nor curl up like other papers due to high-heat resistance and hence they are ideal for all Digital Toner Printers like Konica-Minolta, Ricoh, Heidelberg and Xerox.  

But the real beauty is you can print our Graffiti Polyester Paper with any Digital Toner printers like above mentioned or even the new generation Xerox iridesse, Ricoh 72XX and more. They can also be printed with new Inkjet UV Press like KM-1 and Fuji and also with HP Indigo. This is due to its unique patented coatihg technology that makes cross-compatible with all kinds of toner inks. 

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