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Now offering FREE SHIPPING on all GRAFFITI Products over $199.00
Now offering FREE SHIPPING on all GRAFFITI Products over $199.00

Cleanse iT - Roller Cleansing & Conditioning Gel

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CLEANSE iT is a premium, deep cleanser for the restoration of ink acceptance, transfer, and softness of roller surfaces

Packing: Ready to use Gel Tubes

 Quantity: 17 Fl.Oz per Tube

Features & Benefits

  • Ready to use Liquid Gel & Water Washable (No Roller Wash Required)
  • Ensures thorough cleaning of undetectable deposits of residue on rollers that may be difficult to see by the naked eye without the swelling of rollers.
  • Forms efficient shampoo foam when mixed with water to enable single-step cleaning of gum, lint, fluff, and other water-soluble glaze build-ups.
  • Dissolves residue from ink, paper and fountain solution without the need to remove the rollers from the machines.
  • Removes dried dispersion varnishes and residue caused by UV inks. Cleans encrusted deposits, restores ink acceptance and resilience of roller surfaces.
  • Regular usage enhances the life of rollers and blankets.
  • Penetrates and plasticizes roller surfaces for enhanced lifespan.