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Now offering FREE SHIPPING on all GRAFFITI Products over $199.00
Now offering FREE SHIPPING on all GRAFFITI Products over $199.00


Graffiti STRATA

Think Tough
Ink Strata

Graffiti STRATA Papers are synthetic papers, built with a multi-tier structure that is entirely PVC-free. This production technique results in a tear-proof, lay-flat sheet that smoothly feeds and prints across all digital dry toner printers, devoid of any static or curling issues.

STRATA 5mil 

Structure: Paper / P.E.T / Paper
Caliper: 5mil
Basis Weight: 140 gsm
Brightness: 83%
Appearence: White


STRATA 8mil 

Structure: Paper / P.E.T / Paper
Caliper: 8mil
Basis Weight: 200 gsm
Brightness: 83%
Appearence: White

Tear Free Technology

Engineered for seamless operation on all major digital and litho presses, Graffiti Strata eliminates the need for specialized inks or setups, and bids farewell to lengthy drying times.

Brimming with Capabilities


Extreme Durability

The exceptional durability of this paper, attributed to its Polyester Core, has made it a favorite among users.

Tear Proof

This unique paper, with uncoated surfaces and a tear-resistant polyester core, blends the best of both worlds.

Writes like Paper

This paper mimics the writing experience of conventional paper with any pen and accommodates printing with all types of ink.

PVC Free

This paper, being entirely devoid of PVC, serves as an environmentally-conscious and sustainable alternative.

Need Samples? 

Look no further! Our Graffiti Strata durable synthetic papers are ready to impress you. But don’t just take our word for it, why not try it out for yourself? Just a few clicks here, fill in your details there, and voila! We’ll have samples zooming their way to you faster than a kangaroo on a pogo stick.  

Use the DISCOUNT CODE: STRATA-SAMPLES, and consider it our little secret handshake. 

Unleash the Potential

GRAFFITI STRATA’s tear and water resistance make it a versatile choice, surpassing standard paper or card stock. It’s ideal for various marketing collaterals and printing products, promising high-quality output every time.
  • Maps
  • Menus
  • Beer Tickets
  • School Signage
  • Charts / Certificates
  • & more

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